Top YouTube Workout Channels

Workout QuotesTop YouTube Workout Channels

It takes lots of commitment, determination, and sacrifice to reach and maintain your fitness goals. Any help, motivation or inspiration to help you achieve staying fit and healthy is a welcome bonus. YouTube video-sharing service has become a fantastic platform to showcase fitness expert’s advice for free often attracting large audiences. Information provided covers a range of topics from exercise tutorials all the way to nutrition advice. Many of them have become YouTube celebrities due to the popularity of their channels.

So if you like the idea of having your own personal trainer at no expense or would just like some extra workout tips check out the selection below of Workout Quotes – Top YouTube Workout Channels that we believe offer great guidance and advice.


Channel: Buff Dudes

Who are the B.U.F.F. Dudes? They’re two dudes who want to help the masses Better Understand Food & Fitness, a.k.a., get people B.U.F.F. Why? Well, did you know more than one-third of adults in the United States are obese? Obesity-related conditions include heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer, some of the leading causes of death.







Channel: The Lean Machines

The Lean Machines feature a wide library of useful training activities that cover the entire body, while dishing out tips on how to improve your nutrition regiment and what common mistakes to avoid. Favoring a more homely environment for their exercise setups, the fitness duo caters to the hermits looking to get in shape at the crib. They pretty much show why gyms are overrated.







Channel: Swoldier Nation

Steve Cook commits to posting weekly workouts and vlogs of him inspiring viewers to live a healthier lifestyle. Believe us when we say he’ll definitely up your optimum nutrition intake and muscle growth. He accomplishes this with a solid catalog of videos consisting of cooking techniques and intensive training programs.








Channel: Six Pack Shortcuts

Despite his channel being shut down two years ago, Mike is up and running once again, only this time he’s providing better content to help mold the perfect abdominal area. With over 1.5 million subscribers and over 200 million views, Mike Chang’s considered the biggest fitness celeb on YouTube. There a number of lengthy clips to follow along with, while learning basic muscle building tips too.







Channel: Physiques of Greatness

A combination of entertainment and exercise, the channel does a great job sharing hardcore bodybuilding techniques and nutrition advice. A man on a mission to help get people from “shit to fit,” Chris Jones brash attitude and wild mottos such as “rows for the hoes” only encourages you to join in his workout routines.








Channel: Scott Herman Fitness

YouTube fitness staple Scott Herman is well known by Body builders all too well. They’ll also tell you he’s the real deal. With an array of intense workout routines and playlists dedicated to specific topics, the certified trainer has mastered all the bells and whistles to get you working towards the next strong man competition.








Channel: Scooby1961

Popular at-home fitness guru, Scooby is one of the early pioneers of YouTube fitness videos. He hits every vital body part and gives out tons of knowledge worth learning, which only benefit long-term exercisers. Though he makes it all free to the public and even runs contests to motivate aspiring weight losers. If you can manage watching a ripped dude who never wears a t-shirt for the sake of bulking up, then the channel is worth subscribing to.







Channel: Strength Camp

Pro strongman, entrepreneur, and producer Elliot is arguably the most accomplished fit freak on this list. The guy’s pretty much an all-in-one strength coach, but with more business sense. Besides offering great inside tips on bodybuilding, powerlifting, and standard fitness, he takes time out to answer fan questions through his vlogs.







Channel: Matty Fusaro

Fusaro gives his viewers tons of info, a preacher of good health, as well as some solid training and supplementation videos. And with the majority of weight loss and muscle strength coming from what’s put into your body, the channel delivers a large selection of nutrition and recipe examples to keep that appetite in check when late-night cravings emerge.







Channel: Fitness Blender

Fitness Blender appeals to the novice looking to perform each exercise properly, while building on one’s workout regiment.Loaded with full-length workouts that can be completed directly from any living room. We’re talking about everything from balance and coordination tips to high-intense training sessions. But it’s the channel’s 10-minute or less clips that remain its hidden gems–producing instant exercises that can be performed in sync with what’s transpiring on the computer screen.


So there you have it, this is only a very small selection of fitness channels available on YouTube and i’m sure there is plenty more you will discover on your quest for fitness glory. You have no excuses now, if you train at home, outside or at the gym. At least one of the above YouTube channels should offer you some workout tips of interest. Make a fitness plan and get training, your only limitation is your self.
Top YouTube Workout Channels

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